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Are you vaccinating your pet too much?

While I know the importance of vaccinating your pet I also have come to feel strongly that you can vaccinate your pet more than is needed.

I have recently read two articles from Dr R.D. Schultz. Dr Schultz has over 40 years of research about the dangers over vaccines and one article is called, Are you vaccinating your dog too much? I will try to attach both of these articles so that everyone has the opportunity to read them and then you can decide how you feel and even discuss with your vet.  I will have to say that with my pet, Oliver who was a part of our family for 17 years, was only vaccinated up until he was about 8 years of age.   One day I decided that with his lifestyle of limited outdoor living, well groomed and cared for, and the fact that we treated our yard in order to not treat our pets, I decided not to give him his annual vaccine any longer.  I kept his rabies up since it is the law but that was it. Over the 15 years I have made notes, mental and in writing, of comments that families have shared with me about how their Maltese started getting sick with this or that or having seizures and vomiting and with many of them the vet never found a true cause and either the pet got better or he/she didn’t and it was left a mystery.  So I have concluded that in many of these cases if the pet wasn’t “over vaccinated” – “filled full of precautionary medicines”  maybe that sweet puppy or adult would not be having those side effects.  One thing I say to my families before they leave my house with their puppy is, LESS IS BETTER!  Treat your yard not your pet. Titer your pet rather than over vaccinate.

What Vets And Pet Owners Should Know About Vaccines

Are You Vaccinating Your Dog Too Much

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