Let’s Talk Maltese!

After breeding Maltese for 15 plus years, I realized how much I had learned about Maltese and wished I had been blogging from the beginning.  I am learning about blogging a little by little so bare with me as I grow.    I am creating this Blog in order to discuss Maltese at every level.  I plan to share the good the bad and the ugly all in order to share my experience or things I have heard from others so that others can learn and benefit as well.  I will share my ups and downs with breeding Maltese, their health issues, their sweet behaviors and why I feel they have stollen my heart all these years.  I want to welcome feedback from other Maltese owners, whether you have  Maltese as a pet, or are a breeder like myself.  Maltese owners have many things in common because many Maltese have the same behaviors.  When families share stories and memories about their Maltese they typically are not unique to what I have experienced in my 17 plus years around them.