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Allie – Dental Discharge

Allie is a 6 year old female Maltese, 7 pounds.   She had her first professional dental cleaning at 3 years of age (2015) and had one tooth removed.  I notice that for Allie she has a lot of plaque build up on her teeth regardless of brushing.  I try to brush her teeth about once per week but that isn’t enough for her.  13 months later (2016) I took her in again and they had to pull one of her front teeth because it was loose from gum disease.  She went yesterday and they extracted 10 teeth.  I was devastated! In addition to brushing all my dogs teeth once a week they only eat dry dog food which is better for their teeth and I give them dental chews/sticks once a week.  Let’s face it some dogs just have bad teeth more so than some and Allie is one of those that needs more attention and frequency than my others.  I encourage everyone to check their pets teeth once a week if not more than that.  I alternate between brushing with dental toothpaste to using a jell toothpaste that I rub on with my fingers. For many of my Maltese this routine and frequency works for most and their dental discharge notes are not as detrimental as for my sweet Allie.


  • Kassie Cullingford

    Hey Kristy! Love reading your new blog. I too have recently took Poppy (one of Allie’s) pups to get a dental done and have had to get 2 removed at only 2 years old and have to go back in three months for 2 more that are loose :(. The vet said it was great I was starting so early with Pop because she could have years of pain if I waited around. Vet also mentioned that although I do brush Pops teeth she believes genetics also play a bigger role in this issue. I am glad I stumbled upon this information about Allie so I am not just thinking it is me not doing enough as a “dog mom.” Even with her dental issues I would not trade her for anything! <3 Please let me know if there are any specific brands or products that I should start trying.

    • admin

      Yes I do agree that genetics play a big part in their oral health as well. So with that said, you should probably increase the times you brush her teeth and you can also use a spray to alternate with the brushing everyday. Look at the products that I have posted pictures of all the dental products I use. I have picked a toothpaste, a spray that I use for in between brushing and dental chews that I give weekly. You should definitely offer her dental treats and dental chews which have the enzymatic ingredients on it to help clean the teeth. I loved my sweet Oliver so much regardless of his “terrible breath” and I tried so hard to keep his breath fresh but even after brushing his teeth his breath still smelled like he had eaten an dead animal (lol) more so the older he got. He still had his dental cleanings along with me brushing but he just had bad breath. He was lucky to have lived to be 17 years of age because I would have thought that his breath was an indication of an underlying health issue. Keep up the good work and it will payoff in the long run. I also posted a diagram of their adult teeth so look at that to see which teeth she lost. She should still have a mouth full. I’m glad you are following my Blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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