Dangerous foods and household products

Curiosity can get them into trouble

  • Dangerous foods and household products

    Is Benadryl Safe for Dogs? What to Know About Benadryl for Dogs

    Regular-strength Benadryl is a common OTC antihistamine, but is it safe for dogs? Let’s look at how and when Benadryl might be recommended for dogs with allergies, anxiety, insect stings or bites, and motion sickness. Our dogs experience allergies differently than we do. Rather than sneezing, they tend to express allergic reactions through persistent itchy skin. Excessive scratching can cause dogs to develop sores, exposing them to needless infection. So, is Benadryl safe for dogs? Can Benadryl for dogs help with allergies and other minor canine health issues? First, what is Benadryl? Is Benadryl safe for dogs? First, let’s look at what Benadryl is. Giving dogs Benadryl, like any human medication, can…

  • Dangerous foods and household products

    Certain foods and household products can be dangerous to dogs!

    It’s only natural for dogs to be curious. But their curiosity can get them into trouble when they get into areas where you store household items such as medicine and detergents.  Many common household items that you use everyday can be harmful, and sometimes even lethal, to your dog. Foods that are harmful to your dog: (May cause vomiting, abdominal pain and/or diarrhea. Wild cherry Almond Apricot Balsam Pear Japanese Plum   May cause varied reactions: Yeast dough Coffee grounds Macadamia nuts Tomato and potato leaves and stems Avocados Onions and onion powder Grapes Raisins Chocolate Pear and peach kernels Mushrooms (if also toxic to humans) Rhubarb Spinach Alcohol  …