Harness instead of a collar

For the safety of your pet please use a harness and not a collar. When we get a new pet the first thing we tend to do is go to a pet store and buy all the fun stuff that our new fur baby will need, or that we want him or her to have in all honesty. One of the items is a cute collar so that we can hang their cute little name tag on it and the rabies tag.

  • Harness instead of a collar

    Harness or Collar

    Harness!! Most of us are guilty of running to the pet store to pick out the perfect cute collar for our fur baby so that we can then make a cute name tag and then hang it on the collar along with the rabies tag.  I have heard so many terrible stories from families that this resulted in either almost death or actual death.  I experienced it myself when I had a boarder that had his collar on and when I walked in I found the collar stuck on his mouth between the upper and lower teeth.  Since that day no collars allowed in fact, harnesses either while boarding since…