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    Suspected liver shunt – Rocky aka Teddy

    Rocky was a tiny thing at birth, weighing in at 1 7/8 oz.  He was a determined little guy from the get go and had better suction than most pups his size at birth. I could lift mom with him nursing and he would be hanging by her nipple which amazed me.  I still supplemented him in between feedings to make sure he was really getting fed and he continued to gain weight at a snails speed.  I took him into my veterinarian around 6 months of age and had a chemistry run.  All numbers were in the normal range except for the ALT. The results were 373 with a…

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    Diagnosing Liver Issues

    From my experience in the 15 plus years of breeding these little fur babies, a handful (1 in 30), of Maltese puppies will have bloodwork done in their first year probably prior to being spayed or neutered and their ALT’s will come back elevated.  There are so many questions as to the severity of the diagnosis of your pet’s liver once this happens.  Could it be a Portosystemic Shunt, Microvascular Dysplasia, or a Small Liver?  These are all totally separate issues that affect the same organ – The Liver.  PSS likely does have a genetic cause, and is thankfully less common.  MVD does not seem to be as simple.  I…