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Mikasa – Dental Discharge

This is the ideal discharge that you want to receive from you vet when you take your pet in however ideally you would prefer to not have to go to the vet if you can keep your pets teeth free of plaque and tartar.

Mikasa was born in 2016 and yesterday was her very first dental cleaning (age 3).

They only extracted one tooth and that is because is was a baby tooth. This was her only issue and her teeth and gums were in very good shape.  This is very good news and I will continue to brush her teeth once a week unless I see that plaque and tartar is building up in which case I will brush more often.  I hope that I can continue to keep her teeth cleaned myself so that I don’t have to take her back to the vet to be put under anesthesia.  However if I can’t keep it under control I will certainly take her back in about year but not sooner.

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