Maltese Conditions


Just because your dog has some lemon or buff color on the coat does not mean your dog is not a purebred Maltese, although any other colors would definitely be a sign that your pet is not a purebred Maltese.  Some breeders actually feel that the sign of lemon/buff in the coat as a puppy is needed for better pigment.  

Many times puppies will have definite lemon/tan color  but in many cases the buff in the coat, generally on the ears, lightens up considerably or is totally gone by the time the dog is 1 to 2 years old.

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  • Marsha Mims

    I did not know that until I registered my maltese and the 3 options for color were listed…………white, white/lemon and white/tan!!!!

    that was interesting to know….Now I understand why people ask me what color mine is..

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