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Poppy Jo – Dental Cleaning

On January 22, 2019 I took Poppy Jo in for a dental cleaning.  Poppy Jo was born May 4, 2015 and is 3.08 pounds. Not only did she have tartar build up, her breath smelled worse than most and she had terrible staining around and under her eyes.  A new veterinarian has joined my vet and she does the Naso Lacrimal Flush (eye duct flush) so I asked that that procedure be done at the same time while Poppy Jo was under anesthesia.

When I picked her up, they had pulled 6 tiny teeth that were loose and that she probably didn’t really need by the looks of them.  Although I hate to hear when they pull any teeth I know its best for their health that they come out if at all infected.  These teeth were about the size of a piece of rice and were not her larger more important teeth. They did perform the flush on her and the picture I have posted of her is a month after having the flush done and I wish I had a picture of her before the flush because she looked much worse.  I think she looks much better and I will wait another month or so and update her picture hopefully showing even less staining.

As of February 27th I feel that she has far less staining under and around her eyes and am pleased with the results of the flush.  I continue to brush her teeth as often as possible which for me is about every week and a half to two weeks when I bathe her.  I have a dental spritzer which I can easily spray over her teeth in between brushing too.

I would definitely recommend collectively the Naso Lacrimal Flush in addition to filtered water, stainless steel bowls and wiping under the eyes daily or as often as you can.  I have the Norwex body cloth that I wipe their eyes with because it has a microbial anti bacterial product built in and I feel this also may add to reducing any bacterial build up.  I purchase my Norwex products through Norwex by Lisa.  Feel free to purchase through her unless you have a Norwex representative near you.



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