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Kristy, have enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos on FB and wanted to send you a recent picture of my BeBe, who turned 5 this year. She weighs just over 5 lbs, and her groomer says she is the most beautiful Maltese she has ever seen! She is the light of our lives and a perfect little princess and has absolutely no idea that she is a dog. 😉 Thank you for giving us such a precious member of our family!
Hi Kristy! Our baby girl, Belle, is doing great! She’s up to 5 pounds now—no problems at all. She brings us so much love and joy every day! Thank you for sharing her with us 🙂

Hi Kristy, just wanted 2 touch base with u and let u know how Bentley is doing. He passed vet exam w/flying colors which I had no doubt due 2 the wonderful care u provide your puppies. He has settled n very nicely and accepts everything with a trusting attitude. We absolutely love, love, love him. He will always receive the best of care. He is a very happy puppy. Sleeps through the night in his crate by our bed. Take him out about 9:30 at night, then tuck him n and he sleeps all through the night. No accidents in crate. He is a joy. Thank u so much 4 him. I will always thank u and appreciate him so much. He is a special gift from GOD. Have a blessed day.

Hi Kristy; Oliver went all night last night without having to potty. At all. ????. Then, I put him in the pen and he peed on the grid! Can’t believe he held it all night! This morning, he let me comb him for maybe 15 minutes with breaks while he chewed a bully stick. New trick learned by ME! ????. He even let me comb his face a LITTLE!!! And he was completely content! Thank you for such an awesome puppy!!!!! ???? Puppy vet visit went great! The doctor said he snuggled right up to her. Everybody loved him and said how lucky I am because he’s so sweet. ???? He weighs 3.2lbs. She said that I shouldn’t take him to training until he’s 4 months old due to Parvo right now, so I’m canceling our registration for class that starts next weekend. She said his poop was clear (as expected). Said you’re good to work with. He has his next appt on Nov. 2. I drove him there in a crate with a towel over it and his music playing. I told him he was going night-night. He did GREAT! Arrived there calm and relaxed. He did great all around!
Good morning Kristy. Wanted to share with you that the trip home went very smoothly. Louis whined just a little in the beginning but calmed down quickly once he was held. Then he took turns napping on the kids laps or inside his donut. He did not get car sick and went potty in the grass every time we took him out. He ate and drank the same time we stopped to have dinner. Louis slept almost through the night and woke us up around 4:45 to potty. He woke up in the morning first but was very quiet and let us sleep until almost 8! We took him out right away and he went potty and poo. He had his breakfast and is playing with the kids. Louis is a perfect addition to the family and much loved by everyone already. Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful, loving, and friendly dog! This has been a FANTASTIC experience. And I’m already speaking to my husband about getting a brother or sister for Louis!
Milo has really blossomed – his personality just keeps getting bigger and bigger!! He has become an integral part of our lives and hearts and we feel SO LUCKY to have him as part of our family. He’s quite the ‘love bunny’! And he’s completely insane about his Lambie (we had to buy several!) or any toy that squeaks. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!! Thanks so much for entrusting him to us!!
Hi Kristy, I just wanted to let you know Lulu is so well adjusted, knows her name, working on sitting, getting along well with my other dogs and using the poochie bells to go outside!!! she has had no accidents in the house in several weeks!! She’s been groomed twice and is perfect for my groomer. Thank you for my perfect puppy. Lila
Hi Kristy, I know it’s been a while since we have been in touch, but a wanted to send you a note about our dog that we got from you right before Christmas. Cody has been an absolutely fantastic dog. We love him so, so much. He is sweet, friendly, fun, and super-cuddily – everything you could ever want in a His personality is just the best. He was almost fully potty trained in just a few weeks. We were so happy about that. We were very consistent about taking him outside and it paid off. He also uses a puppy apartment with a potty pad when he needs to be left alone for a few hours. So he can go outside and on a potty pad. He’s been to the vet a few times for shots and a check-up and he’s doing great. The vet says he seems very, very healthy. She even checked his knees/joints and said they feel great (I think she said she couldn’t even manipulate the knees at all which is very good). He has the Nu-Vet vitamin everyday and we are still giving him purified water to drink. He has hardly any tear staining. He is adorable. I just want to thank you for taking the time and care to breed such wonderful dogs. We are so, so lucky that we found Petite Paws Maltese. Sincerely, Jean
Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to the Maltese breed. Breeders such as yourself are rare. There are no words to express how much we love Tucker and how much joy he brings to us and everyone he comes in contact with. He is truly a treasure! Yes we hit the jackpot! After having 2 other Maltese and having friends with Maltese, there is no comparison. Tucker has a great disposition and personality. He is perfect. It’s all in having a breeder that understands and maintains the integrity of the breed. We just wanted to thank you. Susan
Thank you for reaching out. I have meant to email you, but we went on vacation, etc…Anyway, he is fabulous! I just saw him this past weekend. He is off the moist food, and totally on his dry food. He is a good little eater. He LOVES to cuddle, which makes him even more loveable. He loves to run around outside, he is less mobile inside (doesn’t run around as much), but I think it’s because they have hardwoods and tile, and it’s more slippery for him. He likes to be on a blanket (like you suggested) when he is on their floor) He loves his pen, and his crate, and also loves being out of it too. Guffman was much more interested in him this weekend, as Joey Benjamin was much more active. My sister and her husband just adore him. I will send you a few pics that I took of him this weekend. Becky loves their new vet, and the vet said she wished Joey Benjamin was her puppy, as he is so adorable. Thank you for your support! Laurie
Kristy – Wanted to let you know that Presley is doing very well. He’s using the puppy pads. He’s actually adjusted to his new home very well. He will definitely rule the nest. His personality is ( I’m taking charge) . You haven given us two wonderful dogs.

Hi Kristy! We still love Chase! He is a great dog! He’s 8 months old now (from Macy’s litter 12/31/2015). He has a sweet disposition — can run with the kids, but is overall a calm dog. We haven’t had him neutered yet, but will get to that in the next month or so. Thank you for letting us have this lovely dog. Everyone who spends time with him loves him and wants to take him home with them.Warmly, Annemarie

I just wanted to say thank you again for such a great puppy. Phoebe is soooo sweet, she’s following me everywhere:).
On the way home she was car sick and she threw up 2 times but then she fell asleep and and the rest of the time she was ok.
She spent the night in her cage. She didn’t want to stay there at first and I needed to lay down on the floor next to her and I closed the cage after she fell asleep. And the cage was next to my bed. So she was fine for the night. She woke up at 6.30 and we took her to our bed in the morning. She was so happy.
Thank you Kristy again. She’s such a joy.
I’ll be in touch with you and I’ll let you know about the first vet’s visit. Aurelia

Abby just got her Florida cut…she had a bubble bath, massage and grooming. She is loving the life here in Florida and rules the roost! Hope you are getting better every day! We can’t thank you enough for Abby…she is soooo loved and spoiled. Oh, she has learned how to drink bottled water from ‘the bottle’…

We took her to the Town Square last night to see the
entertainment….however, she was the entertainment…you would have thought she was movie star, everyone just loved her! And that’s before she got groomed…I can’t take her now, I’d have to fight off the people! Lol!!!

We absolutely love her…have I said that, lol…oh, and she went on
her first golf cart ride last night and LOVED it!!! We are looking into Vets down here…checking out one today…but as the groomer informed us, they ain’t cheap ! She’s worth every penny! Take care, we’ll keep in touch!! Abby sends her love!

Hi Kristy, Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the camera in the kennel. You are a very attentive lady, and the puppies are so lucky to have you. See you soon, Ruth
Kristy, We took Joey to the groomer yesterday and when I picked him up she told me that a retired doctor in our area was there today with his Maltese and that he has always had Maltese dogs for years and he saw Joey and said “WHO is that beautiful Maltese? Where did he come from? He is a perfect Maltese!” Pretty awesome compliment for ya!!
Kristy, He is most amazing thing that happened in my life. Love him to clouds and moon. My family loves him too and most important he listens to me. I am going to visit vet sometime this week and I will let you know how it went.
Kristy, Just a quick one to say how much we are enjoying Radar and how well he is doing with us. He was obviously sad and confused when we left you Monday, but now I think he’s enjoying being with us. He and our Cat Zoe seem to like each other, and Radar has successfully made the acquaintance of most of the dogs on our little street. Our vet says he is perfect! Thanks for all the wonderful things you did to make Radar the sweet little guy he is! Maggie
Hi Kristy, We enjoyed meeting you today. Your home is lovely, your setup is so clean and professional, and your dogs are gorgeous and obviously well-cared for. I will put the deposit in the mail tomorrow. Please email me the paperwork to go over. Thanks so much, Sheryl
We went to the vet yesterday and Peppa is in tip top shape! Everyone is in love with her and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much!!!
Leila is doing well she sleeps for 8 hours a night and hasn’t had an accident inside in almost a month. We are trying to train her to ring a bell when she has to potty but that is still a work in progress. She is great around people! But we are still working on socializing her with other dogs. She does fine with dogs her size but if a big dog barks at her she gets scared and runs away. She loves to play with her toys and she has the best personality! I attached a picture that i took of her last night after we experimented with bows. She is just perfect for us! Thanks, Sarah
Kristy, I wanted to thank you so much for our little ABBY. She is an absolute joy and has help me so much to deal with the loss of MILLIE and especially my BEABOP. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! James
We feel very blessed to have her as part of our family! Thank you for your dedication to the breed. She is a beautiful dog, and very true to the precious nature of the Maltese. I hope you and your family are well. Take care, Lisa
Hey Kristy, thank you again for my little bundle of joy! i had named her Jada to begin with but after a week or so I decided that i liked the name Candace better and i think she does too! I call her candy for short. She was a little reserved and shy when i first brought her home but now shes wild an open. Her first vet appointment went great and they are informed on what to give her and not give her in future appointments. She is getting the hang of being potty trained but we’re not quite there yet, haha. She loves to run and play with my dog Riley and she is also a big snuggler! We are all doing great; Candace says “Hi.” talk to you again soon!
Hi, Kristy – little Savannah just celebrated her first birthday by completing her UKC Championship in 3 straight shows at the Courtland, VA, cluster this past weekend. She beat the boys and took Best of Breed each day. Got a photo taken and will send it to you digitally when I get it. She is just beautiful and such a little Diva! Jackie
Kristy, Attached is the photo of Jacqueline and Becca. I will send others as I take them if you’d like. We have enjoyed Becca so much!! She is smart and learning quickly. She is so affectionate too which is a huge bonus. And, she is doing great in her crate both day and night!!
I did want you to know how absolutely amazing Kenly is. He is so loyal to me, follow me everywhere, sits in my lap all day at the office and loves kisses. He is so good with the kids and no potty problems. It’s almost as if he was meant for us. He is so special. We especially love his rolling all over the floor. He loves showing off after pooping outside.

Hi Kristy; Austin is amazing! His transition home could not be any better. Transitioned well with his dry food. Play Play Play, Chew Chew Chew, Nap Nap Nap! Favorite toy is the purple monkey you gave us. He has explored everything and everywhere. The only time he cries a little is when he wants up in our lap to nap. Sleeps almost all night and now has his favorite spots in the bed, starts out with his cuddle dog, moves under the covers to find toes to play with and ends up next to me with the cuddle dog. I really am a great fan of the “cuddle dog”…

He keeps himself very busy playing and follows me everywhere. Had to start a sign up sheet for the neighbors who want to come play with him!

I’ve been so amazed at how calm he is with new people and new experiences. He’s cautious but confident. Loves riding in his console seat…. I should start planning for extra time when we run errands because we are stopped so often for people to pet and ask about him. The staff at Harris Teeter love him!

His vet appointment was last Tuesday. Took forever because everyone at the clinic was so excited about him. They assured me Abby Lou would love him. Dr. Miller had several NC State vet students with him for summer internships. Chuck was so excited when he met Austin. (He dearly loved Abby Lou). Chuck took Austin into the conference room and gave the students a 45 minute lecture on the maltese breed and the health issues unique to them. Austin was a great “teaching patient”. Each intern performed some part of his physical exam. They were amazed. None of them had experience with a maltese. He was so calm and cuddly. He weighed 4lbs. I thought that might be a little much but it’s probably just the difference in scales. Chuck mentioned to the students that in the future they should remember Austin because he was a perfect male maltese puppy and obviously very well cared for by the breeder! I suggested they visit you as part of their outreach rotation.

So, only issue is he definitely does not like to be brushed….just not buying into any part of it. His coat is so pretty and thick, I really am worried about mats, and he won’t let me near his back end and tail with anything that feels like a brush… I really don’t want to get him clipped but may have too. I bathed him and blew him dry, was able to work on him a little….

You just wouldn’t believe this little guy. Not a baby anymore….just allllllllll boy! Play play play, lots of lap time, and his “night night” routine in bed is special. We still have the cuddly pup in bed with us….
5.75 lbs last week, absolutely gorgeous coat, and darling face. Not enough words to describe how much we are enjoying him. Need to see if I can board him for a couple of days for some good playtime. You should see him watch and listen to you and the nursery sounds when I go online. He very much remembers. Bath tomorrow and will try to get some good pics for you. Rita & Austin

Hi Kristy, hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to send you Daisy’s picture. She is going to be a yr old tomorrow. Daisy is so beautiful, loving, playful and my best companion. Thank you so much for her. Brigit
Hi Kristy, I thought I’ll give you an update on Phoebe. She’s doing wonderful. We’re in Poland right now for 2 weeks. She was great on the plane and she enjoys each day here. We took her to many cities, villages, places. Before we left she graduated from AKC puppy star training. She is my best friend.
Ellie Jo is wonderful!!! We love her so so much. You cannot even begin to imagine the joy and happiness she has brought to our house. She is the sweetest, most loving puppy. She is my girl and never leaves my side. She’s a little ball of energy and always so happy. Some day I will have to tell you the story about how we came to find you and her. It’s funny you would email me today. It’s my birthday! Ellie Jo has been the best gift for all of us. We love her!

Hi Kristy! I hope you are doing well – It’s been a long time since I sent you an update on Joey…..I thought about you today because a friend of ours picked up her new 11 week old Shih Tzu puppy yesterday and was quite disappointed with his breeder. He came home with fleas and had worms and had to go straight to the vet and then straight to a bath……..She also drove 4.5 hours one way to pick him up. So I just wanted to tell you how we are still SO VERY appreciative for how you operate your business and that you have such an amazing set up for your “babies” and how much you care about them being clean and healthy. We tell people about your business all the time and everyone is still so amazed at how beautiful and wonderful Joey is 🙂

Here’s some recent pictures of the little guy. He’s about 5.5 lbs and just over 2 years old and if you remember his puppy parents are Caroline and Bentley – We looked back at pics you had of them on your website and it is amazing how he has her coat and absolutely has Bentley’s sweet face 🙂

He LOVES warm laundry and is so excited when it comes out of the dryer – always climbs his puppy steps to get on the bed to “help” me fold it. He is the sweetest thing and is so comforting to our daughter who has anxiety issues, he will come sit right beside her anytime she is worried like during a thunderstorm or whenever. We all can not imagine life without the little guy.

Thanks again for what you do!! Kim, Rudy, Keri, Kamryn, and Prince “Joey”

Hi Kristy, Prissy sends hugs and kisses, and hopes your feeling well. Hope your surgery went well. When I got home from golf today Dan had her out of her kennel. He had taken her out side for a walk. This is the man that said it’s your dog. She has got a personality that I have never seen in a dog before. She watches golf. The other day she followed the golf ball right off the tv screen like it was coming into our den. She has stolen our hearts.

Kristy; Just wanted to tell u that my boyfriend came home and saw ZsaZsa for the first time. He loves her!! We have been together for 12 years and I had my cat for 16 and he never picked her up r rubbed her. He got down on the floor with ZsaZsa and had a ball playing with her. I have never seen him act this way about anything r anyone. I understand now why ur husband said not to bring another to the house. You can’t help but to fall n love with them and quick. Thanks for being a breeder she is perfect.

Hello Kristy; Hope things are well on your end. I just want to take some time and Thank You for nurturing us with Sparky. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my family. He is very playful, funny and joyful. He has added a very unique spark to our lives and just cant go a day without him. He has very well adjusted with my family and also my friends now. His shots are all done and will be neutered soon. I feel blessed. Thank you, Vama

Hey Kristy – Joey wanted to say hello! Here’s a picture of him on the back porch – he loves it out there and just runs and runs and tickles us so much! He looks like he’s at an agility contest the way he dashes through all the various obstacles on the porch in a figure 8!

He just had his first groomer visit and is all spruced up – We tried……but he was WAY too wiggly so until he gets older we’ll be heading on over the this fabulous groomer we found! He’s doing so well – using the puppy pad great and doing great at night! Well….I guess it helps that Keri is sleeping on the couch beside him and his little enclosed area! But for now its getting him into a great routine and everyone gets to sleep all night! He’s a tad bit spoilied…..we haven’t left him alone yet but we started testing him out yesterday and pretended we left for 5 minutes…..He’s got us all right where he wants us LOL!

Everyone who has met him remarks how friendly and wonderful he is and I tell them he came from a wonderful breeder who gave him the best start in life! Well just wanted to give you a little update – Take care!

Kristy, Lilly is doing so well and has added so much joy to our life! She has quite the personality, we are always laughing at the things she does. She now knows how to sit, come and high five! So Smart! Hope all is well by you! Enjoy! Heather
I just wanted to let you know that we had a great first day with Duncan!! He is the best puppy!! He has a great personality and is so sweet. He has been eating, drinking, playing and sleeping great. He is so comfortable here – you would never know it is his first day with us. He follows Taylor everywhere and she loves it!! He has not had any potty accidents today and he actually goes to the back door when he needs to potty, which is so impressive! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that he is doing great and really seems to feel at home. Thanks for everything! Laura
Just wanted to give you an update on Bodie (the one who now runs the house). He is doing great; I will say that I am spending quite a bit of time outside “just in case” he decides that he needs to go to the bathroom. Did not use the puppy pee pads as he just played with those. Will say, though, that he is doing really well — no accidents in five days! Everyone says that he is the cutest puppy that they have ever see. I had totally forgotten how much work a new puppy is, but he is adorable and is definitely a snuggler (which, of course, I love). Has taken to the crate and to the pen (ordered from the site you recommended) whenever he does have to be left.
Hi, Kristy – well, it’s official – see the attached that I copied from the UKC website just now (also included a link for you.) Savannah is tied for #1 Maltese in USA for United Kennel Club for 2011 – yeah! Jackie 2011 Top Ten Breed And Dog Standings The current Top Ten Results By Breed, Organized Alphabetically TOP TEN LIST FOR 2011 Posted JANUARY 31, 2011 for events through DECEMBER 31, 2011 Maltese 01. CH Mayfield Savannah On My Mind Jacqueline L Spencer 01. CH Rhapsody’s Antonio Sandra K Schmidt and Tonia Holibaugh 03. Shirlins Christian Love Shirley White Dangerfield Savannah was purchased from Petite Paws Maltese
I have been meaning to write for days. We are having so much fun with Lucy! She is the cutest little thing. She has made us very popular, as our friends and family have been coming over a lot more often “to visit us”.
By the way… Becca is an angel. She has mastered going to the back door to be let out to potty. She responds well when told “no.” She has also learned which toys are hers and which ones are not. And, best of all, she is a great companion to Jacqueline!! We couldn’t be more pleased with her. Becca is a wonderful addition to our family!!
Tucker is doing GREAT!!! My girls are in love!!!! He is so lovable and is getting all the attention. Will send some pictures later of him with his new family. He is currently laying beside me with his feet on my laptop while I type…. 😉 Love it!
Kristy, I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos on FB and wanted to send you a recent picture of my BeBe, who turned 5 this year (her birthday is May 22, 2007). She weighs just over 5lbs and her groomer says she is the most beautiful Maltese she has ever seen! She is the light of our lives and a perfect little princess and has absolutely no idea that she is a dog. Thank you for giving us such a precious member of our famil