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While there are so many food options to choose from I try to pick a higher end food line that gives my pets complete nutrition and also being mindful of ingredients that are likely to cause allergies.  Over the 20 plus years of breeding I have fed Royal Canin, Nutrisource and now Pawtree. I decided to go with this new line because I tried it and my Maltese love it and too because they also have other related products that I use for my Maltese which I also have found to work very well with my Maltese.  Meat is the first ingredient and there is no corn, wheat or soy. The protein is 28% which is perfect for Maltese and it has wholesome grains.  I was told by my veterinarian that grain free is not recommended and her response was that the verdict is still out about whether  it eventually causes or contributes to heart issues .  Because my Maltese are raised in their own home they are not subjected to what is cooking on the stove or in the oven so therefore they have one choice when they get hungry.  I like a smaller kibble for my Maltese especially for the puppies that are learning to eat kibble and wean from mom.  Kibble is ideal for Maltese because it helps with tartar build up however does not stop it.  Some Maltese are prone to bad teeth so you need to do all you can to keep their gums and teeth healthy. You should still always brush your pets teeth.  Canned food is no help for tartar build up however a Maltese will not turn it down by any means so if you start it you should be ever so more diligent with teeth brushing.

If you start to give table food or other treats your Maltese will more than likely hold out on eating their kibble hoping to get the human food instead.  So if you insist on giving food other than kibble try to incorporate it as just a treat maybe mid day after they have eaten their morning kibble and early enough that it doesn’t interfere with dinner time kibble.

I give healthy treats once daily and everyone gets a vitamin which is helpful for immune support.  I free feed and we have a routine when I give the vitamin and treats and they look forward to each.


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  1. Thanks Kristy for these wonderful reminders! When there’s more than one family member looking after the dog this is great information to have. My first Maltese, Misty, had bad teeth so I’ve passed this on to everyone in the family.

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