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Let’s Talk Maltese!

Harness or Collar

Harness!! Most of us are guilty of running to the pet store to pick out the perfect cute collar for our fur baby so that we can then make a cute name tag and then hang it on the collar along with the rabies tag.  I have heard so many terrible stories from families that this resulted in either almost death or actual death.  I experienced it myself when I had a boarder that had his collar on and when I walked in I found the collar stuck on his mouth between the upper and lower teeth.  Since that day no collars allowed in fact, harnesses either while boarding since there are always several together playing and accidents to happen so its best to remove means for the accidents to happen.  However, I do recommend a harness for walking and wearing as long as they are with their owners and I don’t see any harm in them nor have I ever heard of a accident related to a harness. This is a post I saw on a site I follow for Maltese which will help you understand that with two dogs playing how something so terrible can happen so quickly even with the owner nearby.


“I am still shaken up but I wanted to share this. My fur babies were playing yesterday and my boy got his teeth stuck in my girl’s collar and was trying to get undone while choking my girl and I tried so hard to get her collar undone but couldn’t and I ended up cutting it off but she was gone. I panicked and did CPR and GOD gave her back to me and she is fine. I had her vet checked so please if you have more than one fur baby no collars! I almost lost my everything because of it.”


If you insist on using a collar be sure your pet is not playing with another pet and keep your eyes on him or her all the time.  There are so many cute harnesses out there.  I buy from a company that makes them and has so many fabric choices.



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  1. I love that you posted this! I don’t think most people are aware!! My babies only have collars harness and ID tags when we are out walking or in public. At home, no collars or harnesses.

  2. WOW!! What a horrible accident……..mine only has Mr. Wags harness which I can attach the tags to the loop for the leash.

    If you have any info on CPR for dogs please post.. I have never thought of needing to know but would like to be prepared.

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