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About Us

Established 2001 – Owner, Kristy Humphries. I began breeding Maltese for the love of the breed. Most of our line was originally purchased directly from Nell Boykin, retired owner of Bluefield’s Kennel in Wilson, NC (RIP) – Nell bred Maltese for over 20 years therefore, reaching the ultimate goal of breeding healthy Maltese puppies and the quality that AKC recognizes. Our current lines consist of 100% American parentage, 100% Korean parentage and 1/2 American & 1/2 Korean parentage. To protect our lines, all puppies are are sold with an AKC limited registration (pet only).

Our puppies are potty trained when they begin to walk with a designated indoor potty area and eventually learn to use a doggy door to potty outside. Being familiar with both options make the transition easier for training when they go to their new home and have at least 6 weeks of training before going home. This does not mean they are 100% potty trained however, with my efforts this should put them one step closer to quickly being potty-trained when they go to their new home.

Our goal is to breed healthy puppies that meet the American Kennel Club Maltese breed standards. Our breeders are one by one being screened for every disease recommended by AKC, therefore, receiving CHIC Certification and the results are publicly available on the OFA database. The Maltese breed recommended health screenings are Heart, Luxating Patella and Bile Acid Serum.  DNA tested through AKC for genetic conditions which assures they are 100% purebred Maltese.  We provide a One Year Written Health Guarantee, Health Record with proof of age appropriate and up to date vaccinations, de-worming.

Appointments are welcome and suggested! 

Please call, text or email to schedule a time to visit and meet my Maltese family.

 A proud member of the American Kennel Club

 AKC Inspected!

(919) 538-8243

Tanya Suggs, my sweet sister and right hand (pictured above)