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Established 2001 - Owner, Kristy Humphries began breeding Maltese for the love of the breed. Most of our line was purchased directly from Nell Boykin, retired owner of Bluefield's Kennel in Wilson, NC - Nell bred Maltese for over 20 years therefore, reaching the ultimate goal of breeding healthy Maltese puppies and the quality that AKC recognizes. This Bluefield line now has a 40 year health history. We consciously provide careful breeding and aim for the high set of standards. Our Maltese have individual dog-runs and doggy doors that allow them to go in and out freely for air or to potty. They can choose to stay inside where it's heated/air conditioned or sit outside in the fresh air. We begin weaning our puppies when they appear ready and they gradually start snacking on what the mom is eating which NutriSource Puppy Small Bites Wholesome Grains. This kibble is designed for mom and baby dog so the pup is getting the correct nutrients when the puppy starts to wean. I don't rush the weaning stage and some wean quicker than others but I keep mother with them until we feel all pups are comfortably eating. Our puppies have their own little doggy door to go in and out of and begin potty training as early as 5 weeks of age. I designate a potty pad around 4 to 5 weeks which keeps them from going potty in their bed. This gives them at least 5 to 6 weeks more of training before going to their new homes. This does not mean they are potty trained however, with my efforts I hope this puts them one step closer to quickly being potty-trained when they go to their new home. Our Maltese are American Kennel Club Registered and our goal is to breed healthy beautiful puppies that meet AKC Maltese standards. Our adult Maltese are regularly veterinarian checked with our local animal hospital. The puppies typically range in weight (as an adult) between 4 & 7 lbs. We provide a One Year Written Health Guarantee, Health Record with proof of age appropriate and up to date vaccinations, de-worming, New Puppy Information Kit, Written contract with 1 Year Health Guarantee, Puppy package typically containing: Puppy food, Blanket or toy, Chew and Nu-Vet Vitamins Starter tablets. All puppies are are sold with a limited registration. Appointments are welcome and suggested! Please call or email to schedule a time to visit and meet my Maltese family. Puppies are sold in the order that deposits are received and go to their new homes by 12 weeks of age. Prices start at $3000.00 ($300 non-refundable deposit) All of our Breeding Adults are Veterinary examined! American Kennel Club Inspected! Call for more information. (919) 538-8243 Email: petitepawsmaltese@gmail.com