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Preventives – Heart worms, Fleas & Ticks

I continue to mention to all puppy owners that I come in contact with that I don’t recommend Trifexis because of all the bad publicity I have heard associated with it.  In my research and reading through this article it leads you to think there is not a direct link to all the complaints against Trifexis causing deaths in their pets.  I also read that the FDA has received almost 1000 complaints from pet owners stating their pet died or had complications after taking Trifexis. The reason I am so against using Trifexis is when there is that much negative feedback I would rather gamble on finding a few fleas on my pet than gamble that my pet will have reactions that may be irreversible.  My moto….For instance: In medicine, a contraindication is a factor that serves as a reason to withhold a certain medical treatment due to the harm that it would cause the patient. I use this same thought on ALL preventives for my pet.  I choose NOT to give my pet flea, tick, heart worm preventives because my pet is primarily in the house.  Although he may spend a small amount of time outdoors daily I gamble that he could get heart worms or a flea.  My prevention method of choice is to treat my yard and not my dog! I treat my yard year round with a spray called Wondercide (found on Amazon).  And If you insists on treating your pet with preventives for flea tick and heart worms you can also consider treating in the just the warmer months when pests are more prevalent.  You can treat for heartworms alone with say HeartGuard (chewable) or Interceptor.    Just watch carefully for any changes whatsoever in your pet.

Now if your pet goes to pet is a more outdoorsy pet and you visit dog parks, doggie daycares, walks away from your yard etc., then your pet would fall into a more risky category.  I can absolutely understand why you would want to give a prevention to protect your pet. Just try to find the ones that fit your little one.  I have heard adverse reactions more than enough that if I had to choose I would never choose Trifexis nor topicals.


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